In November I went from heavy clip in extensions which were causing tension on my scalp to lightweight micro individual hair extensions which I adore!

I used to wear clip in hair extensions all the time, I thought they were amazing… they made my hair look thicker, longer and just gave me more confidence. But it wasn’t until I got my hair dyed by one of our hairstylists DJ, and she noticed I had tension spots and patches of hair that were thinner at the root (basically bald patches).  DJ told me that the thinner parts of my hair and the tension spots underneath the clips were caused by the clip in hair extensions.   This made me worry and my confidence just dropped instantly (as all girls/women know your hair is the world to you), I couldn’t believe I had bald patches, my hair was thin enough let alone me having more hair loss, it made me feel very upset.

DJ told me very honestly if I kept wearing clip in hair extensions the bald patches would get bigger and in the long term could cause alopecia. I really didn’t want to go back to my natural fine hair as I  love thick long hair but I had to for a little while.  I was  advised to have “Micro Individual Hair Extensions”, DJ told me they would have less tension on my hair and scalp and they would look more natural… so I had them done!

I can honestly say I’ve now had my micro bond hair extensions in for just over 3 months and they are amazing. When they were first put in I was like a kid at Christmas… I was so excited to show everyone, they were styled properly and you really couldn’t tell that I had hair extensions in at all. For the first week I had to get used to having the bonds in my hair and I was taking more care when brushing them, washing them and styling them.

During the first month of me having my new micro bond hair extensions in I lost about 15 but this was probably down to me getting used to them and since then I’ve had my move up and I’ve had only one come out. They are fantastic and I recommend them to everyone, the hair is 100% human hair, they look natural, match my hair colour 100% and I forget I have them in. My confidence is sky high now as I have thick long hair, and I just love it!

When these ones are due out I’m going to upgrade to the New lightweight Nano Hair extensions, they look even more amazing!