Ok, so do you currently feel the way I used to feel about eyelash extensions? You crave fabulous long eyelashes and are intrigued with the thought of having them but in all honestly are just a little bit afraid of them?

It’s understandable.  Anything that contains the word ‘glue’ and is associated with your eyes does sound a bit scary. Before I took over Ultraviolet last year I was an Ultraviolet customer and I used to go there for my hair, waxing, nails and sunbeds but never for eyelash extensions.

To me, (a person with fairly sensitive eyes) I just couldn’t get my head around having false eyelashes actually glued on to own eyelashes although I had seen them on girls and thought they looked really good.

So anyway, now Ultraviolet is such a huge part of my life and I have tried to experience most of the treatments we do (all though not all yet as I have not had time!).  Recently I plucked up courage  and had a full set of eyelash extensions.

It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to have them done with either Paige or Pippa (2 of our Beauty Therapists), and surprisingly I found  it to be quite a relaxing experience (believe it or not I actually nodded off half way through).

Gel pads are placed below your lower eyelashes for protection and you do of course have to keep your eyes closed as each individual eyelash is glued on.  You can choose between a half set or full set depending on how ‘full on’ you want them to look.  When they have been applied the gel protectors are removed and when you open your eyes there may be an initial slight stinging sensation but it soon passes and all is well as you are given a mirror to admire your beautiful new lashes!

After care is important if you want to get the best from your lashes.  A mascara brush will be given to you and of course some guidelines.  I use the brush each morning to gently separate my lashes as they do tend to cross over each other after a nights sleep.

They will shed over a period of time but this is normal and if you want to keep them up then you will need to have infills about every 2 to 3 weeks.  You can just let them shed naturally though and after about 4 weeks you will be left with your own lashes and be back to normal.

If you want your lashes to be even thicker and luxurious then you can apply mascara over the top but I don’t personally do that, I just put mascara on my lower lashes and hey presto, my eyes are looking glam with very little effort.

I would advise you not to have them if you are a person who continually rubs their eyes as they won’t last long and you will be disappointed.  However, if you are a person who looks after themselves and is prepared to put a bit of effort into maintaining your eyelashes then this could be great for you.

Let’s face it, they do have the WOW! factor and even if you decide you don’t want them all the time they are absolutely ideal as a treat for a special occasion or holiday.