Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal

Laser Hair Removal at Ultra Violet Salon

IPL Laser Hair Removal
At Ultraviolet we now have the very latest and most efficient IPL Laser Hair Removal equipment.  A consultation is essential so why not book one with us today…they are completely FREE!
In safe hands
These treatments are performed by one of our trained team and the procedure is extremely safe, however we do take a full medical history prior to the treatment so any risk is minimised.


The heat and energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair sitting in the hair follicle. The more pigment the hair has i.e. the darker in colour, the more effective the treatment is.


The treatment causes only minimal discomfort – this varies between individuals. If any discomfort is experienced during treatment a typical anaesthetic can be applied to help alleviate this.


Laser hair reduction is a permanent reduction in the regrowth of hair to the treated area.

So what are you waiting for?

Talk to us now and find out how laser hair reduction can help you expand your business and help your clients achieve silky smooth skin and remove unwanted hair painlessly.

Laser Hair Removal

(prices shown are per treatment)

  • Upper lip £25
  • Chin £35
  • Jawline, underarm or bikini £50
  • Brazilian £75
  • Hollywood £100
  • Half arms or half back £75
  • Full arms or full back £125
  • Half legs £150
  • Full legs £250

We recommend a course of 6 treatments however you may require more depending on the strength of the hair.

Book and pay for treatments and get the 6th treatment free.

Laser Hair Treatment Prices

Course of 3 treatments Course of 6 treatments Course of 8 treatments
10% discount 20% discount 30% discount


Single treatment
Level 1
Eyebrows £40.00
Earlobes £40.00
Nose £40.00
Level 2
Fingers £75.00
Upper lip £75.00
Toes £75.00
Cheek £75.00
Level 3
Nipples £85.00
Navel £85.00
Chin £85.00
Sideburns £85.00
Hands inc fingers £85.00
Level 4
Jawline £95.00
Underarms £95.00
Feet inc toes £95.00
Level 5
Bikini £115.00
Upper lip & chin £115.00
Shoulder blades £115.00
Neck £115.00
Jawline & chin £115.00
Level 6
Brazilian £140.00
Lower or upper arms £140.00
Abdomen £140.00
Shoulders £140.00
Level 7
Chest £150.00
Buttocks £150.00
Beard/half face £150.00
Half back £150.00
Hollywood inc behind £150.00
Bikini & underarms £150.00
Level 8
Brazilian & underarms £210.00
Full face £210.00
Lower leg £210.00
Level 9
Full arms £245.00
Full back £245.00
Full face & front neck £245.00
Hollywood & underarms £245.00
Thighs £245.00
Level 10
Full leg £290.00
Full back & shoulders £290.00
Lower leg & bikini £290.00
Level 11
Lower leg & hollywood £350.00
Full leg & brazilian £350.00
Level 12
Full back, shoulder & upper arms £475.00
Full leg, underarm & hollywood £475.00
Level 13
Women’s body
(legs, arms, bikini, navel, underarms) £510.00
Level 14
Women’s full body or men’s torso
Women’s chest, abdomen, full back, arms, underarms, full legs, buttocks, behind & bikini) £600.00
Men’s torso (chest, abdomen, full back, shoulders & upperarms) £600.00
Level 15
Men’s full torso
(Chest, abdomen, full back, arms, underarms, full legs, buttocks) £700.00